Businesses in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is a hot bed of independent Fair Trade organisations selling an eclectic and unusual array of goods.

In Brighton and Hove we believe that a Fair Trade town needs to incubate, develop, nurture and acknowledge the role of dedicated Fair Trade Organisations, whether these are shops, wholesalers or internet stores based here.

The following organizations are registered in Brighton and Hove and (unless they are very, very small) the majority of income is through the trade in Fair Trade products.  For Fair Trade products we recognize products from FLO registered groups, WFTO registered groups or members of WFTO registered national networks.

Check out these sites for your local home-grown businesses:

Believe You Can

The FAIR Shop 

Fairly Covered? 

Love That Stuff



Paper High

Fairtrade food is stocked in the following locations:

Infinity Foods

Down To Earth



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