Who benefits?

Why Do We Need Fair Trade?

Conventional global (free) trade disadvantages the poor and marginalised.

Fair Trade seeks to redress this imbalance by ensuring better wages, better working conditions and a more secure and sustainable future for producers in developing countries.

In Brighton & Hove, not only do we promote the purchasing of Fairtrade labelled products, we also have several importers working directly with producers in a distinctly Brighton & Hove way.  A number of businesses are certified by the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and and work directly with World Fair Trade Organisation producers from all over the world.

The support from Brighton & Hove consumers means that producers can send their kids to school and sometimes university, put better quality food on the table and improve their housing conditions.

In return, for the consumer, Fair Trade means not only ensuring the producer is treated fairly, it also secures unique products, in many cases directly.

"Without Fair Trade, I'd be begging on the streets"
                                                  Peter, Bombolulu workshops, Kenya.

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