What it means to be a Fairtrade Town

Across the UK, individuals passionate about Fairtrade have come together to form over 600 communities with the Fairtrade status. These communities are fundamental in supporting the Fairtrade Foundation’s movement to ensure stability for Fairtrade farmers through fair pay and working conditions. Fairtrade Towns can mobilise communities by increasing their reach online and through local events, by working with local businesses, as well as by communicating with MPs to lobby for fairer trade.


In 2004, Brighton and Hove was awarded the Fairtrade City status. This entails committing to supporting Fairtrade workers by uniting local action and promoting licensed products from groups and national networks registered with the Fairtrade Labelling Organization as well as the World Fair Trade Organization. In 2016, the City Council confirmed its continued support by sourcing Fair Trade products for food and catering. We acknowledge the impact and need to develop local Fairtrade organizations registered in Brighton and Hove including Love That Stuff, The FAIR Shop, Infinity Foods, Believe You Can, HISBE, Zaytoun and DnA Matters. We also celebrate the continuous hard work of local Voluntary Traidcraft Representatives, including Brighthelm United Reformed Church and Holland Road Baptist Church among many others, which have been at the forefront of the Fairtrade movement.


Over the years, the Brighton and Hove Steering Group has partnered with several communities including faith-based groups, schools and universities to spread the Fairtrade message and support individual organisations. Collaboratively, we have successfully organised projects and events including interesting talks, markets, films and our annual Fairtrade Fortnight Event.


Smarter Uniforms

Brighton and Hove Smarter Uniforms was launched to encourage the reusing and recycling of textiles by reselling good quality and affordable second-hand uniforms. In partnership with schools including Cardinal Newman and Longhill High School, we have reduced textile waste, therefore protecting global resources and supporting local and global communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual event held at the beginning of March, which aims to shine a light on Fairtrade farmers and celebrating their products. We have previously gathered local businesses and held events such as the Big Breakfast and the Brighton Fair Trade Bake Off. We are currently planning and looking forward to the 2021 Fair Trade Fortnight Event.


Brighton and Hove is committed to renewing our Fairtrade City status by coming together and organising creative campaigns to contribute to the Fairtrade movement. We hope to continue to engage within our community and to mobilise individuals passionate about Fairtrade.

For more information on upcoming events and local Fairtrade businesses visit: https://www.bhft.org.uk/