We Resell good quality secondhand uniforms

for YOU to Reuse,

We also Recycle outdated and damaged uniforms to…

  • Samara’s Aid
  • Brighton Unemployed Centre, Families Project
  • Brighton Textile Recycling

This prevents textile waste and supports local and global communities and families!

Our intern Olivia has researched and created fantastic ways to recycle all the donations we receive at BHSU, as not all donations are in a suitable condition for resale. 

1. What happens to your donations?

All donations at Smarter Uniforms are sorted into current uniform, non-uniform, out-of-date uniform, and damaged. Then, what is current uniform is all washed and put into the shop.

Clothes that are non-uniform, out-of-date uniform or damaged are then sent off to the three different organisations depending on the condition of the clothes.

2. Why does BHSU Care?

BHSU wants to help to decrease the impact that the clothing industry, particularly the uniform industry, has on the environment and this planet. By reducing the amount of uniform going to landfill we are doing our part in protecting the planet for the next generation.

3. Where do the damaged clothes go?

The clothing that is too damaged either due to stains or holes will be taken to Brighton and Hove Textile Recycling who will shred the clothing to become the stuffing for sofas and car seats.    

4. Where do out of date uniforms go?

The out of date uniform is being sent to Samara’s Aid, which is an organisation that sends the clothing to Syria and distributes it to those in need.


Pictures from the recent donation of outdated Cardinal Newman uniforms to Samara’s Aid.

5. What happens to any non-uniform?

Any non-uniform which cannot be worn to school will be either sent to Samara’s Aid or given to Brighton Unemployed Centre, Families Project to help families in the Brighton and Hove area.

For more information about the organisations we send our uniforms too, please visit for Samara’s aid or go to for the Brighton Unemployed Centre, Families Project.