How Smart is Your Uniform?

Did You Know?

The fashion industry is the fourth worst industry in terms of pollution. Polyester, the most popular fabric used in the textile industry, contains plastic which is broken down in our washing machines and filtered into the ocean, damaging sea life. The enormous amount of waste produced by the fashion industry causes further pollution, with 300,000 tonnes (140 million pounds worth) of clothing going into landfills each year in the UK. Smarter Uniforms is a social enterprise based on recycling unwanted school uniform and re-selling it at a lower cost to minimise waste and raise funds for schools.

To produce items quickly and cheaply, workers are often paid below the living wage, made to work in unsafe conditions, denied the right to join unions and the right to proper breaks and days off from work. Most high street shops operate under this system, known as ‘fast fashion’ or unsustainable fashion, whereby clothes are produced often and cheaply, disregarding the environment and the workers in the supply chain. By investing in a Smarter Uniform for your child, you will play an important part in lessening the demand for sweat-shop produced goods, whilst saving money and minimising waste.

Why do we need Smarter Uniforms?

School uniforms are worn by most children across the country. Children grow out of their uniforms, misplace their uniforms, and spill things over their uniforms. Smarter Uniforms saves parents from having to purchase a new item of uniform when these things happen, by providing second-hand uniform in good condition at a discounted price. Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce textile waste and human exploitation; in buying second-hand uniforms, parents will not only save money, but help to protect the environment for their children’s futures.

How does the scheme work?
We are offering schools a uniform collection box so that parents can drop in any outgrown uniforms that are no longer needed. We then collect and sort the uniforms to be resold to parents at roughly a third of the price of a new uniform. Funds generated from the sale of school uniforms will be invested back into the schools taking part in the Smarter Uniforms project.

For details of drop-off and collection points, visit:

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