Fairtrade for Health

Fairtrade Fortnight started on Feb 26th this year and is now at the start of its second week.  Take part to help create a fairer, healthier world.

How does Fairtrade link to Health?

Fairtrade Fortnight shines a spotlight on the farmers around the world who grow our food.

It asks us all to make the right choices, to support  a fairer, healthier world for everyone.

The Fairtrade Foundation ensure that small farmers are paid a fair price, and on larger plantations that workers are treated fairly.

Farmers who become Fairtrade certified are paid a premium for their crops. Some of this is used to support community projects such as healthcare provision, schools and clean water. All of this helps people to lead healthier lives.

Take part this Fairtrade Fortnight

This year the Fairtrade Foundation want us to shout about our Fairtrade fun. So if you buy something fairtrade, from coffee to bananas, or chocolate to cotton – share it on social media.

You could have a Fairtrade tea-break with colleagues, or a Fairtrade dinner with friends and family.

Written by Hayley Carmichael from the local Sussex Community NHS Trust Care Without Carbon Team