Fair Trade Brighton & Hove are Looking For Volunteers!

The Brighton and Hove Fair Trade Steering Group promotes the understanding and importance of Fair Trade within our community.

Currently, we are in need of a new Chairperson and Secretary, as well as new people wishing to join Brighton and Hove Fair Trade.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in exciting projects, to meet new people with the same values and to communicate an important message to our community of why we need to value Fair Trade.

We organize markets, interesting talks, films and so on and we would love for individuals passionate about Fair Trade to join our team!


Please view these short videos to see a preview of a few of the many things we do.  We would love for you to become a part of it!  The Brighton Fairtrade Bake Off ,  Brighton Fashion Week, Smarter Uniforms

E-mail us at info@bhft.org.uk to get involved!