Brighton & Hove Smarter Uniforms

Smarter Uniforms is a community organisation that fundraises for schools, saves parents money and protects our planet's precious resources for our children's future.

We also provide free vouchers for parents where needed.

Brighton and Hove Fair Trade Steering Group would love to see Fairtrade school uniforms in our city.  Kool Skools provide Fairtrade uniforms and can work with your school to make Fairtrade uniforms available to individual parents or the whole school.  They can be e-mailed directly at

We know that alongside ethical uniforms we first of all need to REALLY get value out of the clothes we already own, ensuring that we are protecting the valuable resources on our lovely planet and saving us all much needed pennies!  Hence Smarter Uniforms was started.

What do we do

We are offering schools a uniform collection box so that parents can drop in any outgrown uniforms that are no longer needed.

Smarter Uniforms then collects and sorts the uniforms in order to resell good quality uniforms back to other parents at about a third of the price of a new uniform.



The average spend on each uniform across the country is over £150 per child which is a large cost for parents especially when they have more than one child.  

As children grow so quickly many uniforms are still in good enough condition to be worn again.  We are parents ourselves and know it is difficult to access a good second hand uniform when your child has had a rapid growth spurt!  

We also know other schemes exist but our aim is to develop EASILY ACCESSIBLE outlets to sell uniforms as and when they are needed at an affordable price.  

We hate waste too and just love giving these uniforms good new homes!  300,000 tonnes (£140 million worth!) of clothing is still sent to landfill each year in the UK and we want that to stop.  

Next time your child loses a piece of uniform too you will now have a more affordable option if you need to replace it.

How does Smarter Uniforms work?

Collection boxes for outgrown uniforms will be distributed across Brighton & Hove over the 2018/2019 school year.  Uniform donations will be sorted, cleaned, smartened up and made available to parents at a third of the original cost via the various citywide Smarter Uniforms selling outlets.

What type of uniforms do we take?

We accept ALL uniforms whether the pieces are embroidered specific to each school or plain non embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, jumpers, dresses, trousers, skirts, socks, tights, PE kits, shoes, coats and football kits. Basically anything your child wears to school!

Any Questions?

Schools and parents can contact us for further information on (01273) 723215 and by e-mail on