Information for Parents

Where can I buy uniforms?  

There is a sales outlet at the back of the FAIR shop that is open 7 days a week and a click and collect service will be available from our new website from January 25th at The Open Market and there will be a second outlet in Brighton Marina from the second week in January.  

Currently we are still building up supplies but have an extensive quantity of the following from ages 4-11:

Grey Trousers/Black Trousers £3

Grey Skirts £3

Grey Dresses £4

Blue and White Gingham Dresses £4

White Polo Shirts £1.50

Navy Jumpers and Cardigans £3

Grey Socks and Tights 50p

You can drop off any outgrown uniforms at each sales outlet as well as your child’s school as soon as collection boxes are installed.  When you drop uniforms into the sales outlet any good re-saleable items will receive a 25p voucher per garment.  This will then reduce the prices of the uniforms in stock even further!  It makes it easy for you to declutter and get rid of your child’s old outgrown items, plus buy the nearly new items at an even lower price!  The money from sales is then put into a fund for local schools to use after running costs for Smarter Uniforms is deducted.

Families Requiring Free Uniforms

Vouchers for free uniforms will be made available via various organisations throughout the city for families that are eligible.  Any queries about this can be directed to us at  Please ensure that you include the word VOUCHER in the subject of the e-mail.  The vouchers can then be redeemed at the Smarter Uniform shop at the back of the FAIR shop at 21 Queens Road.  We will have more information on other locations these will be available from over the next couple of months.