Brighton and Hove Smarter Uniforms

Thanks for visiting the Smarter Uniforms webpage!  Smarter Uniforms is a social enterprise that fundraises for schools, saves parents money and protects our planet’s precious resources for our children’s future.

What do we do and how can you get involved?

Information for Parents

We are contacting schools and offering them each a uniform collection box so that parents can drop in any outgrown uniforms that are no longer needed along with flyers to explain what we do!

Smarter Uniforms then collects and sorts the uniforms to resell good quality uniforms back to parents at about a third of the price of a new uniform.

Why?  The average spend on each uniform across the country is over £150 per child which is a large cost for parents especially when they have more than one child.  As children grow so quickly many uniforms are still in good enough condition to be worn again.  We are parents ourselves and know it is difficult to access a good second hand uniform when your child has had a rapid growth spurt!  We also know other schemes exist but our aim is to develop EASILY ACCESSIBLE outlets to sell uniforms as and when they are needed at an affordable price.  We hate waste too and just love giving these uniforms good new homes!  300,000 tonnes (£140 million worth!) of clothing is still sent to landfill each year in the UK and we want that to stop.

How does Smarter Uniforms work?  Collection boxes for uniforms will be distributed across the city throughout the 2017/2018 school year for uniform donations to be received so they can be made available to other parents via various selling locations across the city at a third of the cost of new uniforms.

What type of uniforms do we take?

Branded/logo’d uniforms and plain, PE kits, shoes, coats and football kits.

Where can I buy uniforms?  There is a sales outlet at the back of the FAIR shop that is open 7 days a week and from October we will have a second outlet in Brighton Marina.  We will update you as soon as we have more information on the Marina outlet.

Currently we are still building up supplies but have an extensive quantity of the following from ages 4-11:

Grey Trousers/Black Trousers £3

Grey Skirts £3

Grey Dresses £4

Blue and White Gingham Dresses £4

White Polo Shirts £1.50

Navy Jumpers and Cardigans £3

Grey Socks and Tights 50p

You can drop off any old uniforms at each sales outlet as well as your child’s school as soon as collection boxes are installed.  When you drop uniforms into the sales outlet any good re-saleable items will receive a 25p voucher per garment.  This will then reduce the prices of the uniforms in stock even further!  It makes it easy for you to…declutter and get rid of your child’s old outgrown items, plus buy the nearly new items at an even lower price!  The money from sales is then put into a fund for local schools to use after running costs for Smarter Uniforms is deducted.

Families in Need of Free Uniforms

Vouchers for free uniforms will be made available at various outlets throughout the city for families in need.  Any queries about this can be directed to the council at  The vouchers can then be redeemed at the retail outlet at 21 Queens Road.  We will have more information about where these are available from over the next couple of months.

General Information about Second Hand Uniforms Across the City:

A wonderful student from Dorothy Stringer helped us to find out what schools across Brighton and Hove currently offer.  Please find details below for secondary schools only in regards to second hand uniform.

Dorothy Stringer – A wonderful extensively stocked pop up uniform shop is available on the school site.  Please contact for more information.

Blatchington Mill – Uniforms can be sourced from any unclaimed lost property. Please contact the school on 01273 736244

Cardinal Newman – There is no current second hand uniform policy.  We are currently in discussions with the school. The school can be contacted on 01273 558551

Hove Park – Unwanted school uniform is invited to be donated.  Please call the school directly for more information on 01273 295 000

Varndean – Unwanted school uniform is invited to be donated.  Please call the school directly for more information on (01273) 561281

Information for Schools

All schools were contacted at the end of the last school year introducing Smarter Uniforms to all Headteachers.  We are offering each school a collection box for parents and flyers giving information about the initiative so that we can build up the supplies needed for redistribution of good quality uniforms

We will be providing guidance to schools on sourcing of uniforms and a uniform policy.

Please read more about our pilot program with St. Paul’s CoE last year here

Contact Information

Schools and parents can contact us for further information on (01273) 723215 and by e-mail on